Glad to hear you are interested in the PAAO

The Master Class is designed to speed the process of becoming a Senior Aircraft Appraiser under the requirements of the PAAO. 

First, you will need to be an associate of the PAAO. 

The PAAO screens prospective appraisers to ensure they have an adequate background in aviation, computer skills, writing skills, and business. Furthermore, all applicants must pass a criminal background check as part of the PAAO’s objectives to maintain public trust and ensure some level of ethical integrity in the individuals who perform site visits. Only then are these individuals considered to be acceptable to the PAAO.

Individuals who submit an application to be considered for training and certification as an aircraft appraiser, are required to pay a $50 processing fee with their application.  If the application is accepted, the individual is charged a $550 initiation fee and the first month’s dues of $160.  The monthly dues for basic membership are $160. 

For Senior level certification, you need to have taken a USPAP course and be current.  Those can be done locally or online through McKissock which has a non-state specific course for both the 15-hour full course and the 7-hour refresher. If you have completed USPAP for your local state for real estate you just need to be sure and review Chapters 7 and 8 concerning personal property.

If you feel you are ready to take these steps please move forward on the application process using the button below!

Should you have additional questions contact us either by phone 888-995-0441 at or by email at info(at)!


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