Our Master Class Information Details

Glad to hear you are interested in the PAAOMASTER CLASS! The Master Class is designed to speed the process of becoming a Senior Aircraft Appraiser under the requirements of the PAAO.  First, you will need to be an associate of the PAAO.  The PAAO screens prospective appraisers to ensure they have an adequate background in […]

Our new Instant Aircraft Analyzer

Aircraft Instant Analyzer / Risk Tool The PAAO is pleased to offer at new tool for Banks, Owners, Buyers, Sellers, or anyone who wants a helpful tool to evaluate where a specific aircraft falls within the current overall market.  You may have seen the ad and followed the link to our home page, you may […]

Professional Competence Matters

Helicopter appraisals

In the aircraft appraisal industry, aircraft/helicopter appraisals are not regulated or controlled. Helicopter appraisals are distinctive because of the elements that impact value are unique. All aircraft/helicopters have a regulatory requirement for records of all life limited parts (14 CFR § 43.10 Disposition of life-limited aircraft parts).

Are Damage History and Missing Log Books Serious Concerns when Appraising an Aircraft?

If evaluating any aircraft was simply a matter of utilizing key numerical data about the subject aircraft, then arriving at a final value would involve little more than grinding through a formula. However, the average age of the General Aviation fleet is about 35 – 40 years old and there are many other variables to consider that are not typically captured in spec sheets

Thinking of Renovating

With the average age of the General Aviation Fleet approaching 37 years* (near 50+ for piston aircraft) it may indeed be time to “renovate, update, modernize” your airplane.

Aircraft Appraisal 101

Valuations based solely on price publications can lead to bogus price setting. Creditable appraisal reports accurately account for refurbishment and mods.

Six Most Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are 6 very common mistakes that people make when valuing aircraft. We tell you what to look out for when evaluating an aircraft!