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About the PAAO

The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO) was established to ensure the public trust when aircraft appraisals are involved. We carefully select aviation professionals, then through training, comprehensive research, and detailed reporting provide credible reliable opinions of value.

Our Approach To Aircraft Value

When a PAAO appraiser does an evaluation they will look at the aircraft, it’s logbooks, FAA records, and any other items that may impact it’s particular value in the market, there are no shortcuts taken.

Market information is updated monthly by our statisticians and our program tracks monthly changes in the market. Our appraisers may also consult other sources of data to assure all values and markets are included in the final report. Again, there are no shortcuts to getting reliable results.

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Our Mission Statement:

Professionalism Through Competence

Our Value Statment:

The Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization, LLC, exists to develop and support value experts through training, certification and adherence to the highest ethical standards and processes to ensure our Associates can promote public trust and maintain the highest levels of credibility and competence.

“Every Good Appraisal Begins With Preparation And Real Understanding Of the Scope of Work to be done!"